Park and Perk was created by local Artist, Matt Fouse.  An avid collector of rare, odd vehicles, Matt always desired to own a Vespa Ape, an almost impossible vehicle to attain in the United States.  


 While on a vacation in Florence, Italy, Matt saw Vespa Ape's everywhere. They are used in Europe as the standard utility/work vehicle, and are perfect for navigating the small roads in European cities.

 It was Matt's mission after that vacation to find and own one.  Fast forward 3 years after his European Vacation, Matt finally found an Ape for sale on a Vespa collectors online classified page.  He called the seller and wired the money, sight unseen!


 A week later, the Ape was delivered, and when Matt opened the cargo panels, there was an espresso machine attached to the inside! It took over a year of fabrication and learning what is involved with owning a cafe for Park and Perk to finally hit the streets!

 As an avid coffee drinker and weekly patron to Zeke's Coffee stationed at the Waverly Farmers Market, Matt didn't have to think twice as to what bean he would use. With help from many of his friends who own cafes, pull permits, sew, weld, install signs, paint, do plumbing and electricity, an idea is finally a reality!

 The vision for Park and Perk is to be a memorable experience, all while providing the best tasting caffeinated beverage! We hope that our customers are just as inspired by our little cafe, as Matt was while visiting Florence!